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Our Mission
Music requires students to employ different areas of their brains simultaneously.  The math, language, and creativity areas of the brain are all used at once.  Years of research show that participation in instrumental music programs help students in their academic performance regardless of their socioeconomic background.
The MVYSO is a youth music program that is deeply rooted in community.  In addition to advancing musically, we recognize the need to help students grow as individuals and connect socially to their peers and the community around them.
Music is a creative way to express one's self.  In a group setting like MVYSO, students work collaboratively to tell a story through music using creative sounds, dynamics and rhythms.
Playing a musical instrument, at the very least, requires students to develop their fine motor skills.  Woodwind and Brass instrument players develop control of their breathing as well.  Percussionists fine tune their ability to multi-task and, like string players, coordinate and constantly adapt different actions that they perform at the same time. 
The MVYSO is committed to helping students connect socially and with their community.  The MVYSO strives to create a comfortable atmosphere where students have a chance to visit with their peers at each rehearsal, get together for social activities, and interface with their community through community performances and community service.
Students who are involved in music have a creative outlet through playing their instrument for a healthy way of expressing themselves and reducing stress.
All of these skills that are developed through a cooperative music experience such as participation in the MVYSO help a student achieve balance in their lives and develop real world skills that can be carried with them throughout their lives.
"Music changes the world because it can change people." - Bono
Our Philosophy
As the Maple Valley Youth Symphony Orchestra, we will enlighten the minds of young musicians, embrace creativity, achieve excellence, nurture talents, and give back to the community.  Throughout this experience, we will encourage a strong sense of responsibility and commitment in a fun and safe environment. - Written by MVYSO Students
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by Mary Jane Glaser